Radio Frequency Identification RFID

Improvements will be made in the recognition of Tires with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with the Mobile application.

Information such as brand, size information, DOT date of the tires will be directly read on RFID and defined into the system.

May 2021

E-Invoice Integration

E-Invoice integration will be made in order to create an e-Invoice easily and quickly in work order and sales transactions carried out over Lastsis, and to automatically enter the invoices issued to the business during purchasing transactions.

June 2021

Marketplace Integration

Integrations will be provided with market places such as N11, Hepsiburada, and Trendyol. After the integration, with a single warehouse management via Lastsis, both physical and online warehouses will be managed separately. The tires in the Depo will be put up for sale at the desired marketplace with a single click.

July 2021

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

With optical character recognition software, vehicle license plate recognition, license reading, chassis number reading and DOT Date reading software over tire will be developed.

In this way, it will be possible to create work orders much faster, to recognize the customer, vehicle and tires.

August 2021

Opening an E-Commerce Site

Thanks to the E-Commerce software to be prepared, Lastsis users will be able to open their own e-commerce sites quickly and easily and earn additional income by selling online.

They will be able to manage the Physical Warehouse, marketplaces and their own E-Commerce sites through a single repository.

September 2021

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning infrastructure will be prepared. With this infrastructure, users will receive special reports and notifications over time on issues such as stock and supply transactions, customer preferences, thanks to Machine Learning technology. According to these notifications and reports, they will be able to manage their businesses much more effectively and profitably.

November 2021

Tire Surface Mapping (TSM)

By integrating and collaborating with Tire Surface Mapping hardware and software, Lastsis users will be provided with different information and experiences to their customers. Thanks to this groundbreaking new feature, Tire Manufacturers will be differentiated from their competitors and become more valuable.

May 2022

Europe - Middle East Market

The entire developed infrastructure will be made suitable for the international market, primarily through Europe and the Middle East, with its multi-language infrastructure.

July 2022