Tire / Vehicle Service and Maintenance Service and Product Sales,
Great convenience for all your businesses!

Digital transformation is a must

Using smart technologies that allow remote management of processes such as income-expense tracking, fleet customer management, business network, dealer, and assembly point management will remove the barriers in front of the industry.

Our aim is to integrate the industry into the era

Lastsis allows not only managers but also personnel who carry out operational or warehouse operations to open work orders quickly, to carry out tire hotel warehouse operations, and to carry out product stock warehouse movements easily.

The entire system focuses on taking the operational burden off the industry and increasing customer satisfaction by offering a more professional service. At this point, our aim is to integrate the sector with innovative and innovative solutions and help it survive.

It is possible to remotely manage the entire operation

As Lastsis, we offer innovative and innovative solutions in line with the needs of the sector on this road we started as a tire warehouse and business management system. Within the scope of the business management system we have developed, we provide income-expense management where tire business companies can track their products and services, keep records of their expenses, and reporting-oriented warehouse management for the tires they store in the Tire Hotel.

In this way, users can manage their products and services themselves, and control all the operations they perform using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, over the system compatible with all devices, through administrator reports.

Finally, with the innovations we have added to the system, besides features such as product and service analysis pages, customer and vehicle service and purchase history, instant notification; We offer customer current account, appointment, fleet, business network / dealer / assembly point and product stock warehouse management services.

Why should I use Lastsis?

Consider your current tire operation! Now imagine that you can manage all the processes of this operation from your smartphone, tablet, computer anywhere with internet! Lastsis is exactly that!

Lastsis provides the opportunity to manage your operation in a fast, safe and efficient manner.

Your daily monetary movements, tire hotel operations, tire work operations, stock operations and detailed reports that will allow to measure the performance of all these operations will now be in the palm of your hand.

How can I buy?

Lastsis | You can try Tire Warehouse & Fleet Business Management System free of charge for 14 days. If you are satisfied, you can buy it online through the system. (Currently only in Turkey)

Is it safe?

Lastsis is protected by 128Bit SSL certificate. In addition, thanks to the iyzico payment system we use for the purchasing phase, nobody, including us, can see or use your Credit Card information.

Can I Use It Now?

Yes, after opening your 14-day membership account, you can log into the system and start using it immediately from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Do I need to make any investment to use it?

No. Lastsis is a cloud (web) based service, it does not require any investment or installation. It works with subscription method. You can log in to your account from anywhere you have internet access by logging in with the e-mail address and password you set while registering with Lastsis.

Now it’s your turn;

In addition to its simple and easy use, Lastsis that meets all your needs | Try the Tire Warehouse & Fleet Business Management System for 14 days. Start your subscription whenever you want, use all the features unlimited.(Currently only in Turkey)

Whether you are a dealer or a franchise, or do a Car repair and Service business or tire business with your own brand. You no longer have to save and manage your work with Excel or notebook.

You will be able to access your business from anywhere with the Internet Your business is always with you with the cloud-based lastsis.com, which you can easily access via a tablet or a computer.


Gökhan Altıntaş

Altınlas Automotive

I say don’t think about it, I really can manage my business much better thanks to its reports and ease of use. Everything I’m looking for is always with me. I can now see everything from my phone even if I am outside.

Ahmet Üstün

Dost Tire

At first I thought a little bit about how to use it. But after I started using it, I started thinking about how I have been running my business for so long. Fortunately I started using Lastsis. Thanks for who built the system.

Mustafa Doğru

Doğru Tire

Very successful. Health to those who do, those who think. I have previously bought this tip for using software but this is different. Beyond just a simple tracking system, both the cash book and the Tire Sales area are very different. Frankly, I did not expect anything that good.


    Lastsis has everything you need for your business | Move your business to the cloud with the Professional Tire Management system. Stand by those who are innovative, professional and want to grow their business.



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