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It works with Lastsis subscription system. You can start your subscription at any time if you are satisfied after starting your 14-day free trial period. If you do not start your subscription, you will lose access to your account at the end of your trial period. (Currently only in Turkey)
Even if your trial period is over, you can start your subscription by logging into Lastsis with your e-mail address and password. You can continue to use Lastsis with your existing data by making your payment by credit card from Settings inf> Subscription Page.
No. Lastsis is a cloud (web) based service, it does not require any investment or installation. It works with subscription method. You can log in to your account from anywhere you have internet access by logging in with the e-mail address and password you set while registering with Lastsis.i
Lastsis is designed to be used by any internet user according to their habits. It is easy to use and has a simple interface. However, you can always reach us via the support form and request support.
Lastsis is a web (cloud) based application. You must have an internet connection to access your Lastsis account. The data you enter in Lastsis is kept in the cloud and you can access this data anytime and anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone.
Lastsis is a web application developed to meet the pre-accounting needs of the company owner. It is different from general accounting programs where your financial advisor will make your monthly statements. The aim of Lastsis is to make it practical and improve the process of organizing income and expenses for Small and Medium-sized businesses, to enable business owners to easily manage their financial management.
Yes, there is an IOS and Android Mobile Application with Graphic Reporting for Managers and work order opening for staff, barcode reading feature for warehouse and tire hotel management.
All the development requests you share are of great importance for us to improve Lastsis. The requests you send to our support team are evaluated one by one by our product team and are included in our plan if the development decision is taken. During planning, prioritization is determined according to the intensity of demand and the number of users that will be affected by the feature. In cases where there is no development plan regarding your request, our support team informs you about the subject.
Starting your Lastsis subscription and all the information you have entered, the SSL certificate supported by 2048 bit encryption is active. All your credit card information is processed on a special encryption screen that you and your bank use jointly. In addition, thanks to the SSL certificate, the information you have entered cannot be viewed by others.
For a local business, with an annual rate of 360 USD + VAT, you can start using it quickly and benefit from the advantages. However, you need to get a special price by contacting us for our dealer network, assembly point network and fleet management features. A special price is calculated according to the number of fleets you work with and your dealer / assembly point business network. (Currently only in Turkey)
As Lastsis, we are an electronic invoice user, so we send your subscription invoice as an electronic invoice (e-invoice or e-archive invoice) to the e-mail address of the account owner. Your invoice will be sent to your e-mail address within 14 days of your payment. You can find your electronic invoice in .pdf format attached to the e-mail we sent to you. You can print this .pdf document and use it for your accounting transactions.
In the annual subscription, you can pay in installments to your credit card. When you select the annual subscription from your Lastsis account and start to enter your credit card information, special installments will appear for your card.
In the annual subscription (besides credit card payment) you can also pay by bank transfer. After making the bank transfer, it is enough to send your receipt and billing information to e-mail address.
No. Our staff cannot access your account and the data you have entered.
If you want to back up your data yourself, you can export all your data in EXCELL, PDF, CSV format under the relevant sections and keep a copy of your data on your computer or on an external hard disk.
You can add the person you want to use your account by using the "Create New User" button on the "Users" page under "Settings". With 8 Different User roles, you can separate users according to their work and ensure that everyone can see only their own actions.
Lastsis is an application developed to meet the pre-accounting and operation management needs of the owner of the Tire Hotel and Sales. It is different from general accounting programs where your financial advisor will make your monthly statements. The aim of Lastsis is to enable Tire Businesses to manage their operational processes comfortably, to make financial data creation and organizing practical and to improve the process of business owners to make their financial management easily.
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