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Tire manufacturers are having difficulty meeting the demand!

Comparing 2019 and 2021, which covers the pre-pandemic period, it is seen that the number of cars in traffic has increased by 5.35 percent. While the demands for tire replacement are intensifying for reasons such as safety and fuel savings, suppliers are having difficulty meeting the demands and controlling the costs. Smart technologies are pointed out as a solution.

Changing habits in social life in 2020, when the pandemic prevails, continues in 2021. The most important of these is transportation preferences. According to TUİK data, the number of cars in traffic increased by 5.35 percent to 13 million 172 thousand 111 since 2019, which covers the period before the & nbsp; pandemic as of January 2021. The total number of vehicles in traffic increased by 4.74 percent compared to 2019, reaching 24 million 256 thousand 741. This picture, in which the tendency to rent a car and use personal vehicles due to the risk of contamination is effective, has also increased the demands for the replacement of tires due to reasons such as safety and fuel savings. Tire suppliers, on the other hand, started to have difficulties in controlling the transactions and expenses and meeting the demands


Making an assessment on the subject, Kayhan Akartuna, the founder of the local tire warehouse and business management system Lastsis, said, “The most basic deficit we see in the tire industry is that there are still deficiencies in providing professional service to customers. Digital transformation, which we witnessed gaining momentum in many sectors during the pandemic process, is not a choice but a necessity for the tire industry to catch up with the future. Using smart technologies that allow remote management of processes such as income-expense tracking, fleet customer management, business network, dealer, and assembly point management will remove the barriers in front of the industry.


Stating that they digitized the operation processes for all the players in the sector with the software they developed, Kayhan Akartuna said, “As Lastsis, we offer innovative and innovative solutions in line with the needs of the sector on this road we set out as a tire warehouse and business management system. Within the scope of the business management system we have developed, we provide income-expense management where tire business companies can track their products and services, keep records of their expenses, and reporting-oriented warehouse management for the tires they store in the Tire Storage. In this way, users can manage their products and services themselves, and control all transactions they perform using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, over the system compatible with all devices, through administrator reports. Finally, with the innovations we have added to the system, besides features such as product and service analysis pages, customer and vehicle service and purchase history, instant notification; We offer customer current account, appointment, fleet, business network / dealer / assembly point and product stock warehouse management services.


Referring to the details of the system they offer, Kayhan Akartuna said, Lastsis allows not only managers but also personnel who carry out operational or warehouse operations to open work orders quickly, to carry out tire hotel warehouse operations, and to carry out product stock warehouse movements easily. The entire system focuses on taking the operational burden off the industry and increasing customer satisfaction by offering a more professional service. At this point, our aim is to integrate the sector into the era with innovative and innovative solutions and to help it survive. ”

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