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Fleet Tire Operation Process Management

ÇıLastsis, which has gained a place in the tire industry since its first day and has been used by many tire manufacturers, has also implemented the Fleet Management.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by tire manufacturers serving fleet customers is the management of registered vehicles, reporting the stored tires, the troubles experienced during the tire change times and most importantly, the reporting of the works done with the Fleet while making a Reconciliation.

In the Fleet Management Module, which was prepared to eliminate these problems, they can now see all work orders, registered vehicles, the list of stored tires and even which tire is in which warehouse, recorded on the system with the User information given to the Fleet Customer.

In this way, thanks to this common platform, which eliminates all the troubles with the fleet customer, it is possible to reconcile with the customer or see which vehicles have received what kind of services in which warehouse of the stored tires, even tread depths, DOT dates, general status, if a business network If used, they can see what information is stored in the tire business network receives over what services and at what point in which Turkey’s store.

If they wish, they can make their appointment entries via the system and send their vehicles to the relevant points according to the appointment schedule.

With Lastik, “Everything is under control!” Not only for Tire Operations, but also for Fleet Customers.

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