Watch Videos About Lastsis Screens and Their Usage

You can get information about usage details with more than 20 videos such as Opening Work Orders, Adding Products, Generating Barcode for Tire Storage, Viewing Customer and Vehicle Analyzes, Creating Appointments, Managing Tire Hotel, Adding Products, Managing Services and using the system in the most appropriate way for your business. You can get information.

Adding a New Service

Viewing a Customer Detail Page

List of Tires in Tire Storage

Delivery of Tires in the Warehouse to the Customer

List of Tires in Tire Storage

Tire Storage / Storage Procedure

Adding a New Product

Generating a Barcode for Tire Storage Tires

Editing Customer Information

Adding a New Customer When Opening a Work Order

Defining a New Vehicle to the Customer While Entering a Work Order

Updating Product Stocks and Adding New Products to Stock

Viewing Work Orders and Printing

Vehicle Detail Page and Operations History

Creating and Editing Suppliers

Creating an Appointment and Appointment List

Updating Company Information

Listing, Editing and Closing Open Work Orders

Expense Entry and Listing

Opening a New Work Order

Adding Tires to Work Orders, Editing

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