Lastik Sektörün de Yeni Yazılım “Lastsis – Profesyonel İş Yönetim Sistemi”
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New Software of Tire Industry “Lastsis – Professional Business Management System”

While continuing to work in the Software World without slowing down during the Covid-19 Pandemic period, new software started to be introduced to the tire industry.

With the introduction of Covid-19 into our lives, many institutions and individuals in our country have met with working remotely and managing their work remotely, as is the case all over the world. Those who suddenly shut down with the slogan of # HayatEveSığar started to use online video talks, online meetings, seminars, and webinars that they had never heard of or needed until yesterday.

Whoever brings her business to the internet wins

However, this process has shown that those who can follow their work remotely and carry their work online make a difference as much as a remote online video call.

Thanks to the introduction of the internet in our lives and the rapidly developing technology, many sectors can now manage their businesses on the internet. Especially thanks to cloud technology and smart phones and tablets, works that can be managed without powerful computers and servers started to offer users the opportunity to make a difference with both convenience and great freedom.

Special software for the tire industry “Lastsis”

This rapid development in the software world and the business world and the needs brought by life to the new norm have enabled software companies to create new business ideas or produce solutions in many issues.

Which is one of the software industry’s major players bywitty Technology & Design in experience, expertise and different sectors of the gained knowledge with Turkey’s leading company in the digital solutions offer as well as the brands that serve to add value to the principles Pursuing design, bringing together technology and business development of various home and abroad Continuing to develop projects, by analyzing the problems and needs in the tire industry, Lastsis | He developed the Professional Business Management system.

All needs and reports at hand

Lastsis is fully prepared for companies that serve in the tire sector and aim to grow and make a difference with a much more effective management by taking this service one step further.

Lastsis is not a software used for many needs, but a software designed specifically for the tire industry. An easy-to-use, cloud-based program that can find the needs of all businesses that provide a tire repair, sales and maintenance service. It offers a graphical interface where company owners can constantly see real-time online information on their home screen and change them according to the time unit they want. In this way, business owners can constantly analyze the situation of their business.

Those who keep their income and expenses under control win

In the world and in our country, which is going through an important economic difficulty, on the one hand, it is possible to keep the expenses under control and to analyze the costs as well as where and how much cost, what the income models are, what kind of products and services they offer to their customers, how much of these products and services they offer. It has become more important than ever that they can see their turnover and keep in control of their income / expense balance instantly.

Lastsis, which enables the companies providing Tire Hotel service to provide much more professional services to their customers thanks to its structure specially prepared for the Tire Hotel, makes it possible to record the brand, size, season, general condition of the tire, tread depth and shelf information while the tire is taken into the warehouse and for each stored tire set. it ensures that a barcode is created and stored and recorded.

The system enables the service types of revenues as well as all expenses recorded, detailed reports of the product groups and products sold, the graphical reporting of the tire brands and vehicle brands it serves, and the management of customers’ current accounts and profitability.

Build and report according to yourself!

ByWitty, who knows that each of the companies has their own unique operations, states that Lastsis is prepared in a way that allows each company to create its own product categories and define the services it provides, with the consultancy services it has received from industry users and experienced industry leaders.

ByWitty’s General Manager Kayhan Akartuna stated that this software will make it easier for businesses to see the reports they want to see by shaping the software according to their own needs, and states that thanks to this software, the sector will be managed much more efficiently and will reach the respect and quality it deserves.

Always new, constantly updated

Lastsis, which is used in the cloud environment, offers its users a constant update. The byWitty team, knowing that the only constant thing in a constantly developing and changing world is change, they say that they will continuously improve the Lastsis software with this understanding and ensure that the existing structure is strengthened with new features every day.

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